Quality Products and Life-Changing Jobs.

Nguvu Dairy brings high-quality, fresh dairy products made with wholesome milk from local cows directly to the doorstep of its customers – at a price that they can afford.


Located in the northern region of Uganda, Nguvu employs economically vulnerable women, men, and working-age youth to bring fresh, nutritious yogurt directly to our customers. We build up our employees through life-giving jobs. We build up our community through quality, nutritious options previously out of reach for customers. Nguvu is also a trauma-informed workplace that produces it’s drinking yogurt in a solar-powered facility!


We make delicious and wholesome drinking yogurt using locally-produced full-fat milk and natural ingredients.

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Our employees are getting stronger every day. Some have hard stories, but through Nguvu they can work hard and build bright futures for their families.

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Join us and partner in our story. We’re constantly growing and learning, and we invite you to journey with us.

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Help us continue our mission of bringing healing and wholesome work, ending dependence on foreign powers, and setting people free!


Nguvu has been in business in Gulu, Uganda since 2016. Located in the northern agricultural areas of Uganda, we started small and perfected our product. We hired amazing employees, and have increased our staff from 5 to 75 people! Nguvu is a profitable business and still growing . We want to share what’s on the horizon:

  • Impact in 2018

    • Grew our bicycle distribution networks to serve three more towns around Gulu.
    • Provided dependable market for 30 dairy farmers.
    • Tripled workforce offering employment to 75 men and women!

  • Dreams for 2019

    • Improve our solar systems.
      Gulu gets nearly 250 days of sunshine each year … goodbye propane!
    • Open production facilities in Ugandan towns of Lira and Arua.
    • Increase our distribution networks to include 8 more towns around Lira and Arua.
    • Add 180 new jobs!
      Long-term and sustainable jobs with quality salaries and dependable benefits, including savings accounts and advancement opportunities.