We make high-quality yogurt that our friends and neighbors can afford.


Nguvu employs the resilient, industrious men and women of northern Uganda. More than 65% of our employees have endured multiple traumas, and we walk alongside them as they heal, grow, and support their families. Together, we make delicious, full-fat, handmade yogurt in strawberry, lemon, and vanilla. All sourced from local cows!

Our Value

A tasty and nutritious new product at an affordable price.

Help men and women find hope and flourish through safe, dignity-affirming, and healing work.


Locally sourced and handmade

Our people make yogurt fresh, using milk that comes from local cows and quality culture.


Sold from friends to friends

We sell our products on consistent, regular routes. We sell to our neighbors, friends, and nearby businesses every day!


High-quality yogurt, good for the planet

Nutritious, made with milk from local cows and sold from bicycles.